“Our Day Will Come”

16 Jul

Dear Seeder,

This will be one of many blogs that I will write to and about you. You were but the size of a poppy seed when you gave me my first mother’s day gift. You. Papa was so happy! He was going away for a few days for work, not knowing that on Mothers day he would drive off a Daddy to be. You must already have a special connection with him as he had a feeling you were on board because Mommy was acting just a lil stranger than normal. Mommy is a lil quirky, but I promise it’s not embarrassing… at least not till you’re a teenager.

Your news came with extra excitement this time as we’d thought you were on board the belly train last year around the holidays but it seems you weren’t ready to make your appearance when we looked for you. The following days came grey and gloomy but we knew one day we’d see you in my belly. Everyday to cheer myself up I played this song because I knew you would be there one day.

That day finally came on June 18th when I went to the doctor to get my first look at you. Nervously, I waited for my name to be called, hoping this time you were ready for us. Mommy marks big moments in her life with songs that might be playing around her. When they called my name, this song was playing.

Maybe it was the song, or the first feeling of mothers instinct but the nerves began to ease and I had a feeling this was IT. Within a few minutes they found you in your nuzzle nook – a little grape sized piece of heaven sleeping in a heart shaped background.

Daddy wanted to be there really bad but work had him far away. He got video and photos sent to him right away. He was right by his phone waiting for every detail and could not wait to hear the news. Here is what he said when I sent him the first video and photos of you:

See? Daddy is something special. You’re made up of the most loving, loyal, altruistic man I have ever met. Your other half is made up of big haired down to earth gal that loves to make people laugh and cares deeply for family and friends. You’re gonna love us, I promise. Everyday I close my eyes and think of all the lovely things we are going to share with you. We love you little Seeder and we’ll see you soon.



2 Responses to ““Our Day Will Come””

  1. Melanie Walton 07/16/2012 at 11:01 AM #

    Norma that was beautiful!!! You made me cry!! Again congrats to you and your husband.

  2. Wendy 07/31/2012 at 8:14 AM #

    OMG, Love it, definitely had the tears rolling down. I can’t wait to me little person…Love you!

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