4 Dec

Okay so the camping trip was weeks ago but honestly with Thanksgiving (17 awesome attendees) and the new job starting the Monday after this trip, I could not find the right moment to write down my thoughts.
So for good story reading purposes lets pretend that it’s November, the camping trip was 10 days ago and your 5 pounds lighter cause its not Thanksgiving yet, okay? Okay…

There is no better way to clear your mind before opening the pages to the next This Is Your Life chapter, than surrounding yourself with greenery…well Fallery, and the one you love.

With the start date of my new job just around the corner, this getaway came at the perfect moment. Trist planned it all on the chance that I’d still be free and have the time to go. As love would have it, the universe worked its magic and off we went.

Destination? Garner State Park.

That first picture is what we first saw driving in towards our camping spot. And it only got more beautiful. I was well overdo for a camping trip and I hadn’t done a sleep over with nature since I rocked the Frida Kahlo eyebrows at 8 yrs old.

Needless to say…Someone was VERY excited.

The air was crisp, the leaves were putting on their autumn colors and the water was crystal clear!

I must say…our first night was a little rough. Our fancy lil air mattress could not be filled up inside the tent because the pump for it required electricity.
Fill it up at the local store and try to squeeze it back into the tent.


Unfortunately they don’t make tent doors big enough to fit a queen size air mattress through them.

BUT there are no problems, only solutions right? Riiiiight.

Our light bulb idea was to release just a tad bit of air so that we could shimmy our bed into our igloo shaped abode without losing too much air to make a noticeable difference in comfort.

Why it didn’t occur to us to lay in it to double, I do not know.

So unbeknownst to the happy couple prepping their campfire dinner, their night would be one they would always remember.

After our delicious hot dog weenies and hot coco over the fire, 9pm showed up with temperatures of 38 to later drop to 28 degrees. Bed time came early, layers of clothes were thrown on and 40 blankets were laid out. The bed looked so comfy and cozy …LOOKED being the key word.

With the cold came ADDITIONAL air loss causing a BIG sink hole to appear in the middle of our bed where no matter what you did, you would slide and/or roll to the center. I’d wake up from time to time with a frozen nose, NOT MINE but Trist’s, his face SMASHED against mine. Did I mention somewhere in our Human Taco were to weenie dogs? Every now and then I’d here a muffled bark from them letting us know they were being crushed. I’d have to then look through each layer to find what level blanket they were in and adjust them to later crush them again.

This is our photo trying to show how cold it was:

We’re obviously not actors. This was taken before we realized how much colder and uncomfortable it would get in a couple of hours. I bet if we had taken the picture come 11pm we wouldn’t have been acting and it would have given the full effect of the kind of night it started to be.

Then the worst happened….
I had to pee.
28 degrees, Jason movies on loop playing in my head, no bathroom…and ugh…I’m a girl.
I always make mental notes of things that I am going to tell God when I meet him. One of the million will be “everyone should be able to pee with just the pull of a zipper and a flick of the wrist”.
At that moment I hated the female anatomy. As both pair of cheeks froze there amongst the trees, I thought how in 40 years someone will come up with another method for a gal to pee without having to bare all her goodies and how by then, I will be peeing in a diaper and won’t be able to try it. Super sigh…

The next morning we woke up slightly sore but ready for breakfast. If you’ve ever been camping, you have to agree that breakfast is always the BEST meal. There’s a certain taste and smell the scrambled eggs, bacon and coffee have that I can’t describe. It was the perfect way to start off what would be a day of total breathtaking beauty:

Everyone should have lunch with this kind of a view:

That night, our last night we had burgers by the fire, hot chocolate, jalapeno poppers and pretty much promised each other to make it a tradition. It was just us two and the dogs this time but one day it will be us 4 and when our lil family begins to expand maybe it’ll be us 20.

In case you were wondering about that evenings accommodations, we figured out a way to use a hand pump to make up for the lost air. When we laid down, we both let out a big “aaaaaaaah”. With a couple of pumps of air our bed transformed itself into a 5 star memory foam mattress.
We headed out the next morning, refreshed and ready to take on the next chapter.

I know this is where I should finish the blog but am hoping our tent gets an irreparable gash in it sooner than later cause I just came across these rad lil camping abodes:

Found here


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