Hello Nature! See ya later technology (except for you, camera)

10 Nov

Trist and I are getting our do-over to go camping.
We had planned a solo tip back in March, but the day before we left, work said he was going out of town for a month. Major Bummer!
We’re literally packing up right now! I lied and said I was emailing my dad. Well, I kinda am cause he’s reading this.

We’re bringing Maggie and Cindy on this excursion. This should be interesting as they are quite the delicate pair. I hope the real Daschund in them comes out and I can count on them like the kid from Where the Red Fern Grows did with Old Dan and Little Ann.
I won’t be holding my breath…but…you never know.

I can’t wait to use our percolator to make coffee, breakfast in the morning breathing in the fresh brisk air! Evenings eating eat marshmallows, hot dogs & burgers all while reading by a fire and snuggling up with my fella!
No facebook, no emails, I’m even gonna pretend I don’t have a phone. No worries, I told people where we are going cause after watching 127 hours I know I’m not the type to be chopping my arm off with a can opener – so if you don’t hear from me by Saturday afternoon. SEND OUT THE SEARCH TEAM!
This lil getaway is just what I need before jumping into my new job 🙂
Lots of Photos to come I’m sure!


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