1 year to chalk up

6 Nov

Happy Anniversary Laredo.

I’d never known of your existence until Tristen mentioned you. Now here we are celebrating our 1st year together.
In a lot of ways we just don’t see eye to eye, but I have managed to find those few great things that you have tucked away in you. You’ve challenged me and made me a better, more creative, patient…F*ck this I’m-just-gonna-Do-it-Myself type of person.
A town with a severe deficiency in variety, restaurants in particular, is exactly what a woman who cannot cook to save her life, needs. I appreciate you forcing encouraging me to patiently read recipes, pour heart and soul into each and every dish so as not to resort to having dinner at:
Taco PALENQUE, PALENQUE Grill, and Pollo PALENQUE (pattern anyone?) and who could forget everyone’s favorite (but mine) WHATABURGER.
If it’s not In-N-Out, I don’t want it.
Side Note: its pronounced What-a-burger not WAAHDAHBurger okay? Thanks.

The only place to find variety is to create it, in my kitchen. If I’ve got a craving for Cuban, I bust out the Molina recipe for Picadillo or Cocina al Minuto and make Ropa Vieja:

Since, there isn’t a place to get CUBAN Flan, Papa Lou thought I was worth of trying out Grandma Graciela Molina’s Flan recipe that came out pretty Flantastic. Sorry. I just had to!

No Truxton’s out here for delicious Onion Soup so I gave it a go and my tummy was very happy (ignore the extra crisp bread edges):

I have even managed to deal with the movie theater issue. For those of you that don’t live here, it’s where parents mistakenly think the cinema is Gymboree and bring their infant to toddler aged children to movies that are not at all kid friendly movies. Yeah, I’m serious.
The solution was a cinch though. I now frequent the movies during the week, usually in the early afternoon before school lets out. Nothing like having a theater to yourself to pretend you are Justin Beiber and Selena 🙂

Last but definitely not least,I have even been victorious in the gargantuan epidemic of bad customer service. I have managed with the old DIY method and search for all items I am inquiring about, by myself. I climb company store ladders, use their clothes hooks to reach the size I need, I’ve even put on my store manager thinking cap and helped the cashiers with RTFS (Read The F*ckin’ Screen) method when they don’t know why their register isn’t working. I must say that your best employees by far have been the self check out machines. There’s always this one gal scanning the items, she is TOP NOTCH! Please give her 5 stars on her next review. Tell her I said she has GREAT hair too! Wow!

Its not ALL negative Laredo. Remember I said I found some hidden gems that I have dug up and I hold close to my heart and tummy?
Thank you for the following:

– Your library. It’s one my closest friends, because it is never packed and I always find the best sellers available to me on any given day. I hope you cherish her as much as I do.

Caffe Dolce: Paninis, salads, pastries, art on the walls that changes every month or so and a white wrap around porch. Nuff said.

Keka’s: Empanada like goodies with your choice of beef, chicken or shrimp. Stuffed stuff is always awesome.

– Lotus: Thai Food that isn’t like back home (not even close) but certainly calms the crave, when you get it on a good day and you show up on a day that they have decided to honor they hours of operation.

Ki Bistro: Soups, Salads, Sandwiches and Crepes. No tacos? I’m there!

La India: Delicious all around. A platter of beans, mole, fajita, tuna salad, chicken salad and warm tortillas. Someone must’ve been smoking a doob when they put this together but it is oh so scrumdiddlyumptious.

– Salsa’s: A mexican restaurant that sells sushi…um not so much…however, they win me over for their gyoza’s and because its where I established my friendship with my buddy Cindy :).

Run Strong Laredo: A group of awesome people getting together 2 times a day to “Run Forrest Ruuuuun!”. Talk about dedication! They’ve welcomed me with open arms, even though I run with them once in a great, great while 🙂

Nonni’s Skin Care Clinic: Owned by two of the sweetest sisters ever from Laredo. My skin loves this place and so does my mind as I come out glowing and having vented all the thoughts. Thanks Sandee and Selina!

Last but definitely not least, are the pals I have made here in Laredo.
Here I was thinking I wouldn’t be able to “fit in”. Thought people would dislike me as soon as they heard the words “I’m from L.A.” and “do you guys have a recycling bin for this?” came out of my mouth, but I was proved incredibly wrong. For the days that you get me down Laredo, it is these individuals that smooth things over and make this town an alright place. Happy Anniversary Laredo!!

Oh and please give the Indian Restaurant a chance, even though I haven’t tried it yet.

Just some photos to reminisce on my 1 yr

Casita Esmartass: The last place I lived before the big state move.

Custard Crew: The incredible peeps I worked beside for years. Starbucks coffee isn’t the same without you guys. 😦
Missing in this photo is the only gal that could hang..Tanya..aka Tee Tee! I miss your “ah hell nah” :*( and how you would check people when they were doing something wrong like the poor bloke at Pavilions.

Photo leaving L.A.

Photo in TX nearing Laredo


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  1. Cindy 11/06/2011 at 6:40 AM #

    I teared up. Thats all I got to say. 🙂

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