If Fall fails then there is still Winter Wishing, right?

13 Oct

Bueller? Bueller? Fall? Fall? Winter? Winter?

I recently got my hopes up when I saw the forecast showing rain all week. Those little digital clouds, lightning bolts and rain drops reached out of Tristen’s iphone and tickled my nose with excitement. Fall really was upon us!
Or so I thought…
To my disappointment, it only rained ONE DAY and not even the whole day – morning only, to be exact.

Texas Mother Nature: 1
Norma Hoping For Fall to Officially Start: 0

Yesterday, I set my whole itunes library on shuffle and came across this song, never knowing that it existed on my digital shelf. Consider this an Art Laboe Dedicated to the One I love Moment – Fall, Winter – whichever of you still has any kind interest in Laredo Texas, this is my song to you. I realize what I am about to say is going to make you think I am a cry baby, truth is, I am. When heard this tune I got a little teary eyed.
It felt as though I was crying over some past relationship that I never truly appreciated.
I just want to say I LOVE YOU, I’VE ALWAYS LOVED YOU.
Is it too much to ask for a week or two of nose red, goose bump giving, “one grande pumpkin spice latte please” brisk breeze with its beautiful leaf changing magic?

If you are out there…I’m sorry. I never realized how wonderful you guys were. While Summer has swagger, you both have grace. You bring a rustic, wet pavement scented, snuggling style with you that heat waves do not. Tell all the BER’s of the month, there is a home for them in Laredo- outside of my house, of course. Please come home with snow, wind, rain and anything else that will make my hair frizzy. ☺
I like frizzy, I do.
Okay I am lying but I will embrace frizzy simply because it sounds like freezing, which is what I want to say just before I throw on a long dark red n brown sweater while baking cookies playing Bon Iver in the background.

I’ll be starring at these images until your return:

Nothing like being covered in leaves instead of sweat and sunburn.

Artwork found on these killer sites:
www.flickr.com and http://society6.com/


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