“Don’t blow it on the rent” Wise words from my Mama Jude via Uncle Ned

23 Sep

So I’ve been window laptop screen shopping with the check that has yet to be made in my name, for the work I have yet to do, at the job that’s yet to employ me – but whatever! If I act as though it’s in the bag, then it will manifest, right? I learned that from “The Secret”. However, I have pictured myself weighing 115 pounds FOREVER but I guess maybe the fridge and the scale haven’t read that book yet. I’ve got to remember to loan it to them.

moving along…

These things will be mine, mine, mine when I get paid, paid, paid!
A night stand light. I need one. Bad. Well…I kinda need a night stand too but I’m willing to drag a dinning room chair to the bedroom every night so that I may place this amazing lamp on it:

Who wouldn’t drag a chair?

Disregard that the bulb looks like a match would give off better lighting. People used to read by candle light before so this would kind of be the same thing, right?

And with whatever left over change I have from purchasing the lamp I’d buy a lil bed frame to fancy up the room.

We are also in dire need of some art on our bedroom walls. The living and dining room are spoiled rotten with stuff! We’ve neglected our nuzzle nook for too long! This will be going on its wall (no matter what Tristen says):

No, it’s not some beautiful painting but sometimes a few simple words tied together nicely, on the wall, are just as breath-taking as any landscape…

and others…

are there to remind you to not bake so many cookies.

So we’ve got the lamp for reading – Check!
The bed frame as an accessory to the lamp – Check!
Art on the walls to give it a lil som’n som’n – Check!
BUT what are these items without the one important necessity to tie it all in?

I present to you my IMPORTANT NECESSITY

That’s right! A mug, a chalkboard mug at that! To have tea or coffee while in our awesome bedroom. One might say, “what’s so special about that mug?”. Say you’re reading a real page turner and suddenly you come across the word, “famelicose” and you haven’t the slightest clue what it means. Well, you can look it up and write it on your mug. Guess what you just created? THE WORD OF THE DAY! That’s just ONE of my millions of ideas I’ve got stored away for this special mug. This is such a must-have, I might have to put it at the top of the list BEFORE the lamp!

Famelicose means: often or very hungry.

In case you were wondering.

In a sentence: Even after one miso soup, 5 sushi rolls, and tempura ice cream, Norma Molina is left famelicose.

Since Fall may never come to Laredo.
Since Fall is supposed to start today, I found a couple of threads I would like to wear to keep me cozy and some shoes that have nothing to do with weather conditions but are just too cool not to share.

I know these last ones look like hipster gone super hero but they just have my heart!

And since I only own 2 pairs of earrings, yeah I said two…its a must that I add more ear decorations to my list of, “What I Will Buy When I Finally Find A J-O-B”

While I wait for the paycheck that’s yet to be made out to me, DIY projects are definitely on the list of to do things. I can make a lil something to prep for the future earrings to come.

I scouted all these cool trinkets and ideas on Wanelo and Pinterest. If you love Etsy, trust me there will be room in your heart for both.
Now go enjoy the first day of Fall and send some of that leaf changing this way cause the weather forecast says its going to be 98 -106 this week. Yay 😦

Oh! and some of us would like a pumpkin patch cause they don’t have those here 😦




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