A list of random thoughts

6 Sep

1. After living through my 1st Summer here in Laredo, I no longer care to be a Summer bunny. I’m more like this:

2. Although I am happy we finally got a bookstore in the mall, Laredo still needs a bigger bookstore, for obvious reasons…

3. I have become a tourist of my own hometown.

4. I think I love teddy bears again.

5. God Bless the woman who came up with Chocolate Covered Bacon. I don’t have any facts to prove it was a “she”, but if you don’t get where I’m going, just move along to #6

6. No artwork in the universe is as amazing as our finger & paw print tree and the wedding album my pal Krizna made me

7. If you were wondering how close I live to the border – these are the kind of movie snacks that are sold at our local blockbuster (yeah, I know, blockbuster is still in business here). Need I say more?:

Prepare yourself for the next image as it is the most disgusting candy idea I have ever set my eyes on. Perhaps they were short of chocolate and bacon and this was all they could conjure up. :::Who am I kidding, I always need to say more::

8. I look at these 2 pictures once a day- everyday.

9. I cried when Amy Winehouse died.

10. I joined a running club out here. I ran with them. Once. I broke out into a heat rash & I told them I’m a fall runner.

11. Floating the Guadalupe river certainly helped fill the beach void. 8 hours of floating a river, while drinking beer, is one combo Cali didn’t offer:

Hmmmm…maybe next years floatie?:

12. During the summer, I cherish the first few seconds of actual cold water that comes out of the faucet in the morning before it turns warm and remains warm
super sigh.

13. I secretly stalk certain bloggers and sites.
there went the secret.
You should try it. It’s like going through the closet of someones brain! For example look at THIS awesome find:

I bet you didn’t know that ol’ Willie covered Coldplay, now did ya?
*sidenote* I love pigs! If I could I’d kiss’em right on the snout, I would. Nevermind that I eat them too.

and this awesome website that has you take a picture from the past in the present:

Now in the words and accent (accent is very important) of Nacho Libre, “Go Ay-Way! rEEd som [blogs]!”

14. I guess going to Marina Beach as a child, running up to random kids and saying, “Do you wanna be my friend and play a game?” paid off, I’ve managed to make some amazing friends out here. May they get everything their hearts desire for helping me settle in.

15. I constantly fantasize about what my kids are going to be like

and how they’ll probably hate my way out ideas for Halloween costumes – to later tell me how much they friggin’ rocked!

16. Last but definitely not least, the best part of the summer…

starting the rest of my life with the boy who stole my heart at 16 and never gave it back….

It’s quite alright …I think it’s just fine for him to have had it all this time. :).


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