The “So L.A.” New Bride apology…

2 Jul

So I can officially be considered “so L.A.”. I basically said “Hey, we should totally hang out next weekend and (insert whatever activity here)! I’ll call you” and totally never did anything of the sort & forgot about the person completely. Yeah… that’s what I did with this Blog. I thought about throwing in the excuse that I got caught up in wedding stuff, adjusting to the new town BUT that would’ve been all the more reason to keep up with the Blog. All one can say is “I’m sorry” or swallow razor blades as both are very similar.

Here I am again, giving it another shot.

I'm His Mrs and He's My MrBiggest most current news is…


I’m his Mrs


He’s My Mister

Captain’s Log on things leading up to the wedding coming right up!


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