FROM/TO L.A.redo

27 Oct

In 3 days I’ll have packed up my few but very special belongings, my two wiener dogs – Maggie n’ Cindy, and leave my hometown of Venice Beach California; where every face, place, and taste has made me the quirky big haired gal I am today. I don’t know what homesick is but I plan on using every ounce of positive in my body to keep me from the Venice blues. My new habitat is a very hot small Texas town called Laredo. Not sure what to expect but have decided to go in with an open mind, lock up the super planner and worry wort in me and toss the PANIC button into the Venice Canals.

The reason behind the big move was for love. I’ve been waiting for some time to love someone like this and promised myself that when it made its appearance, I would let go of the rail and see where it would take me; so its taken me to a place where there are no bookstores and has a ton of spiders – did I mention I suffer from arachnophobia? Well, its nothing Amazon, Orkin and several hours of watching Charlotte’s Web can’t fix.

Tristen is exactly what I envisioned, the right amount of funny, a sincerity that is beyond what I’ve ever experienced or imagined, and an abundance of love that is foreign to me but was always a familiar idea that crafted and held on to hoping that one day it would manifest and one day ….it did.

So on Halloween morning…when you hear THIS song… picture me, Trist, 2 Weiner dogs peeking out the window, ears flapping, in a Penske truck on the 10 freeway to forever…



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