“Our Day Will Come”

16 Jul

Dear Seeder,

This will be one of many blogs that I will write to and about you. You were but the size of a poppy seed when you gave me my first mother’s day gift. You. Papa was so happy! He was going away for a few days for work, not knowing that on Mothers day he would drive off a Daddy to be. You must already have a special connection with him as he had a feeling you were on board because Mommy was acting just a lil stranger than normal. Mommy is a lil quirky, but I promise it’s not embarrassing… at least not till you’re a teenager.

Your news came with extra excitement this time as we’d thought you were on board the belly train last year around the holidays but it seems you weren’t ready to make your appearance when we looked for you. The following days came grey and gloomy but we knew one day we’d see you in my belly. Everyday to cheer myself up I played this song because I knew you would be there one day.

That day finally came on June 18th when I went to the doctor to get my first look at you. Nervously, I waited for my name to be called, hoping this time you were ready for us. Mommy marks big moments in her life with songs that might be playing around her. When they called my name, this song was playing.

Maybe it was the song, or the first feeling of mothers instinct but the nerves began to ease and I had a feeling this was IT. Within a few minutes they found you in your nuzzle nook – a little grape sized piece of heaven sleeping in a heart shaped background.

Daddy wanted to be there really bad but work had him far away. He got video and photos sent to him right away. He was right by his phone waiting for every detail and could not wait to hear the news. Here is what he said when I sent him the first video and photos of you:

See? Daddy is something special. You’re made up of the most loving, loyal, altruistic man I have ever met. Your other half is made up of big haired down to earth gal that loves to make people laugh and cares deeply for family and friends. You’re gonna love us, I promise. Everyday I close my eyes and think of all the lovely things we are going to share with you. We love you little Seeder and we’ll see you soon.




4 Dec

Okay so the camping trip was weeks ago but honestly with Thanksgiving (17 awesome attendees) and the new job starting the Monday after this trip, I could not find the right moment to write down my thoughts.
So for good story reading purposes lets pretend that it’s November, the camping trip was 10 days ago and your 5 pounds lighter cause its not Thanksgiving yet, okay? Okay…

There is no better way to clear your mind before opening the pages to the next This Is Your Life chapter, than surrounding yourself with greenery…well Fallery, and the one you love.

With the start date of my new job just around the corner, this getaway came at the perfect moment. Trist planned it all on the chance that I’d still be free and have the time to go. As love would have it, the universe worked its magic and off we went.

Destination? Garner State Park.

That first picture is what we first saw driving in towards our camping spot. And it only got more beautiful. I was well overdo for a camping trip and I hadn’t done a sleep over with nature since I rocked the Frida Kahlo eyebrows at 8 yrs old.

Needless to say…Someone was VERY excited.

The air was crisp, the leaves were putting on their autumn colors and the water was crystal clear!

I must say…our first night was a little rough. Our fancy lil air mattress could not be filled up inside the tent because the pump for it required electricity.
Fill it up at the local store and try to squeeze it back into the tent.


Unfortunately they don’t make tent doors big enough to fit a queen size air mattress through them.

BUT there are no problems, only solutions right? Riiiiight.

Our light bulb idea was to release just a tad bit of air so that we could shimmy our bed into our igloo shaped abode without losing too much air to make a noticeable difference in comfort.

Why it didn’t occur to us to lay in it to double, I do not know.

So unbeknownst to the happy couple prepping their campfire dinner, their night would be one they would always remember.

After our delicious hot dog weenies and hot coco over the fire, 9pm showed up with temperatures of 38 to later drop to 28 degrees. Bed time came early, layers of clothes were thrown on and 40 blankets were laid out. The bed looked so comfy and cozy …LOOKED being the key word.

With the cold came ADDITIONAL air loss causing a BIG sink hole to appear in the middle of our bed where no matter what you did, you would slide and/or roll to the center. I’d wake up from time to time with a frozen nose, NOT MINE but Trist’s, his face SMASHED against mine. Did I mention somewhere in our Human Taco were to weenie dogs? Every now and then I’d here a muffled bark from them letting us know they were being crushed. I’d have to then look through each layer to find what level blanket they were in and adjust them to later crush them again.

This is our photo trying to show how cold it was:

We’re obviously not actors. This was taken before we realized how much colder and uncomfortable it would get in a couple of hours. I bet if we had taken the picture come 11pm we wouldn’t have been acting and it would have given the full effect of the kind of night it started to be.

Then the worst happened….
I had to pee.
28 degrees, Jason movies on loop playing in my head, no bathroom…and ugh…I’m a girl.
I always make mental notes of things that I am going to tell God when I meet him. One of the million will be “everyone should be able to pee with just the pull of a zipper and a flick of the wrist”.
At that moment I hated the female anatomy. As both pair of cheeks froze there amongst the trees, I thought how in 40 years someone will come up with another method for a gal to pee without having to bare all her goodies and how by then, I will be peeing in a diaper and won’t be able to try it. Super sigh…

The next morning we woke up slightly sore but ready for breakfast. If you’ve ever been camping, you have to agree that breakfast is always the BEST meal. There’s a certain taste and smell the scrambled eggs, bacon and coffee have that I can’t describe. It was the perfect way to start off what would be a day of total breathtaking beauty:

Everyone should have lunch with this kind of a view:

That night, our last night we had burgers by the fire, hot chocolate, jalapeno poppers and pretty much promised each other to make it a tradition. It was just us two and the dogs this time but one day it will be us 4 and when our lil family begins to expand maybe it’ll be us 20.

In case you were wondering about that evenings accommodations, we figured out a way to use a hand pump to make up for the lost air. When we laid down, we both let out a big “aaaaaaaah”. With a couple of pumps of air our bed transformed itself into a 5 star memory foam mattress.
We headed out the next morning, refreshed and ready to take on the next chapter.

I know this is where I should finish the blog but am hoping our tent gets an irreparable gash in it sooner than later cause I just came across these rad lil camping abodes:

Found here

Hello Nature! See ya later technology (except for you, camera)

10 Nov

Trist and I are getting our do-over to go camping.
We had planned a solo tip back in March, but the day before we left, work said he was going out of town for a month. Major Bummer!
We’re literally packing up right now! I lied and said I was emailing my dad. Well, I kinda am cause he’s reading this.

We’re bringing Maggie and Cindy on this excursion. This should be interesting as they are quite the delicate pair. I hope the real Daschund in them comes out and I can count on them like the kid from Where the Red Fern Grows did with Old Dan and Little Ann.
I won’t be holding my breath…but…you never know.

I can’t wait to use our percolator to make coffee, breakfast in the morning breathing in the fresh brisk air! Evenings eating eat marshmallows, hot dogs & burgers all while reading by a fire and snuggling up with my fella!
No facebook, no emails, I’m even gonna pretend I don’t have a phone. No worries, I told people where we are going cause after watching 127 hours I know I’m not the type to be chopping my arm off with a can opener – so if you don’t hear from me by Saturday afternoon. SEND OUT THE SEARCH TEAM!
This lil getaway is just what I need before jumping into my new job 🙂
Lots of Photos to come I’m sure!

1 year to chalk up

6 Nov

Happy Anniversary Laredo.

I’d never known of your existence until Tristen mentioned you. Now here we are celebrating our 1st year together.
In a lot of ways we just don’t see eye to eye, but I have managed to find those few great things that you have tucked away in you. You’ve challenged me and made me a better, more creative, patient…F*ck this I’m-just-gonna-Do-it-Myself type of person.
A town with a severe deficiency in variety, restaurants in particular, is exactly what a woman who cannot cook to save her life, needs. I appreciate you forcing encouraging me to patiently read recipes, pour heart and soul into each and every dish so as not to resort to having dinner at:
Taco PALENQUE, PALENQUE Grill, and Pollo PALENQUE (pattern anyone?) and who could forget everyone’s favorite (but mine) WHATABURGER.
If it’s not In-N-Out, I don’t want it.
Side Note: its pronounced What-a-burger not WAAHDAHBurger okay? Thanks.

The only place to find variety is to create it, in my kitchen. If I’ve got a craving for Cuban, I bust out the Molina recipe for Picadillo or Cocina al Minuto and make Ropa Vieja:

Since, there isn’t a place to get CUBAN Flan, Papa Lou thought I was worth of trying out Grandma Graciela Molina’s Flan recipe that came out pretty Flantastic. Sorry. I just had to!

No Truxton’s out here for delicious Onion Soup so I gave it a go and my tummy was very happy (ignore the extra crisp bread edges):

I have even managed to deal with the movie theater issue. For those of you that don’t live here, it’s where parents mistakenly think the cinema is Gymboree and bring their infant to toddler aged children to movies that are not at all kid friendly movies. Yeah, I’m serious.
The solution was a cinch though. I now frequent the movies during the week, usually in the early afternoon before school lets out. Nothing like having a theater to yourself to pretend you are Justin Beiber and Selena 🙂

Last but definitely not least,I have even been victorious in the gargantuan epidemic of bad customer service. I have managed with the old DIY method and search for all items I am inquiring about, by myself. I climb company store ladders, use their clothes hooks to reach the size I need, I’ve even put on my store manager thinking cap and helped the cashiers with RTFS (Read The F*ckin’ Screen) method when they don’t know why their register isn’t working. I must say that your best employees by far have been the self check out machines. There’s always this one gal scanning the items, she is TOP NOTCH! Please give her 5 stars on her next review. Tell her I said she has GREAT hair too! Wow!

Its not ALL negative Laredo. Remember I said I found some hidden gems that I have dug up and I hold close to my heart and tummy?
Thank you for the following:

– Your library. It’s one my closest friends, because it is never packed and I always find the best sellers available to me on any given day. I hope you cherish her as much as I do.

Caffe Dolce: Paninis, salads, pastries, art on the walls that changes every month or so and a white wrap around porch. Nuff said.

Keka’s: Empanada like goodies with your choice of beef, chicken or shrimp. Stuffed stuff is always awesome.

– Lotus: Thai Food that isn’t like back home (not even close) but certainly calms the crave, when you get it on a good day and you show up on a day that they have decided to honor they hours of operation.

Ki Bistro: Soups, Salads, Sandwiches and Crepes. No tacos? I’m there!

La India: Delicious all around. A platter of beans, mole, fajita, tuna salad, chicken salad and warm tortillas. Someone must’ve been smoking a doob when they put this together but it is oh so scrumdiddlyumptious.

– Salsa’s: A mexican restaurant that sells sushi…um not so much…however, they win me over for their gyoza’s and because its where I established my friendship with my buddy Cindy :).

Run Strong Laredo: A group of awesome people getting together 2 times a day to “Run Forrest Ruuuuun!”. Talk about dedication! They’ve welcomed me with open arms, even though I run with them once in a great, great while 🙂

Nonni’s Skin Care Clinic: Owned by two of the sweetest sisters ever from Laredo. My skin loves this place and so does my mind as I come out glowing and having vented all the thoughts. Thanks Sandee and Selina!

Last but definitely not least, are the pals I have made here in Laredo.
Here I was thinking I wouldn’t be able to “fit in”. Thought people would dislike me as soon as they heard the words “I’m from L.A.” and “do you guys have a recycling bin for this?” came out of my mouth, but I was proved incredibly wrong. For the days that you get me down Laredo, it is these individuals that smooth things over and make this town an alright place. Happy Anniversary Laredo!!

Oh and please give the Indian Restaurant a chance, even though I haven’t tried it yet.

Just some photos to reminisce on my 1 yr

Casita Esmartass: The last place I lived before the big state move.

Custard Crew: The incredible peeps I worked beside for years. Starbucks coffee isn’t the same without you guys. 😦
Missing in this photo is the only gal that could hang..Tanya..aka Tee Tee! I miss your “ah hell nah” :*( and how you would check people when they were doing something wrong like the poor bloke at Pavilions.

Photo leaving L.A.

Photo in TX nearing Laredo

If Fall fails then there is still Winter Wishing, right?

13 Oct

Bueller? Bueller? Fall? Fall? Winter? Winter?

I recently got my hopes up when I saw the forecast showing rain all week. Those little digital clouds, lightning bolts and rain drops reached out of Tristen’s iphone and tickled my nose with excitement. Fall really was upon us!
Or so I thought…
To my disappointment, it only rained ONE DAY and not even the whole day – morning only, to be exact.

Texas Mother Nature: 1
Norma Hoping For Fall to Officially Start: 0

Yesterday, I set my whole itunes library on shuffle and came across this song, never knowing that it existed on my digital shelf. Consider this an Art Laboe Dedicated to the One I love Moment – Fall, Winter – whichever of you still has any kind interest in Laredo Texas, this is my song to you. I realize what I am about to say is going to make you think I am a cry baby, truth is, I am. When heard this tune I got a little teary eyed.
It felt as though I was crying over some past relationship that I never truly appreciated.
I just want to say I LOVE YOU, I’VE ALWAYS LOVED YOU.
Is it too much to ask for a week or two of nose red, goose bump giving, “one grande pumpkin spice latte please” brisk breeze with its beautiful leaf changing magic?

If you are out there…I’m sorry. I never realized how wonderful you guys were. While Summer has swagger, you both have grace. You bring a rustic, wet pavement scented, snuggling style with you that heat waves do not. Tell all the BER’s of the month, there is a home for them in Laredo- outside of my house, of course. Please come home with snow, wind, rain and anything else that will make my hair frizzy. ☺
I like frizzy, I do.
Okay I am lying but I will embrace frizzy simply because it sounds like freezing, which is what I want to say just before I throw on a long dark red n brown sweater while baking cookies playing Bon Iver in the background.

I’ll be starring at these images until your return:

Nothing like being covered in leaves instead of sweat and sunburn.

Artwork found on these killer sites:
www.flickr.com and http://society6.com/

“Don’t blow it on the rent” Wise words from my Mama Jude via Uncle Ned

23 Sep

So I’ve been window laptop screen shopping with the check that has yet to be made in my name, for the work I have yet to do, at the job that’s yet to employ me – but whatever! If I act as though it’s in the bag, then it will manifest, right? I learned that from “The Secret”. However, I have pictured myself weighing 115 pounds FOREVER but I guess maybe the fridge and the scale haven’t read that book yet. I’ve got to remember to loan it to them.

moving along…

These things will be mine, mine, mine when I get paid, paid, paid!
A night stand light. I need one. Bad. Well…I kinda need a night stand too but I’m willing to drag a dinning room chair to the bedroom every night so that I may place this amazing lamp on it:

Who wouldn’t drag a chair?

Disregard that the bulb looks like a match would give off better lighting. People used to read by candle light before so this would kind of be the same thing, right?

And with whatever left over change I have from purchasing the lamp I’d buy a lil bed frame to fancy up the room.

We are also in dire need of some art on our bedroom walls. The living and dining room are spoiled rotten with stuff! We’ve neglected our nuzzle nook for too long! This will be going on its wall (no matter what Tristen says):

No, it’s not some beautiful painting but sometimes a few simple words tied together nicely, on the wall, are just as breath-taking as any landscape…

and others…

are there to remind you to not bake so many cookies.

So we’ve got the lamp for reading – Check!
The bed frame as an accessory to the lamp – Check!
Art on the walls to give it a lil som’n som’n – Check!
BUT what are these items without the one important necessity to tie it all in?

I present to you my IMPORTANT NECESSITY

That’s right! A mug, a chalkboard mug at that! To have tea or coffee while in our awesome bedroom. One might say, “what’s so special about that mug?”. Say you’re reading a real page turner and suddenly you come across the word, “famelicose” and you haven’t the slightest clue what it means. Well, you can look it up and write it on your mug. Guess what you just created? THE WORD OF THE DAY! That’s just ONE of my millions of ideas I’ve got stored away for this special mug. This is such a must-have, I might have to put it at the top of the list BEFORE the lamp!

Famelicose means: often or very hungry.

In case you were wondering.

In a sentence: Even after one miso soup, 5 sushi rolls, and tempura ice cream, Norma Molina is left famelicose.

Since Fall may never come to Laredo.
Since Fall is supposed to start today, I found a couple of threads I would like to wear to keep me cozy and some shoes that have nothing to do with weather conditions but are just too cool not to share.

I know these last ones look like hipster gone super hero but they just have my heart!

And since I only own 2 pairs of earrings, yeah I said two…its a must that I add more ear decorations to my list of, “What I Will Buy When I Finally Find A J-O-B”

While I wait for the paycheck that’s yet to be made out to me, DIY projects are definitely on the list of to do things. I can make a lil something to prep for the future earrings to come.

I scouted all these cool trinkets and ideas on Wanelo and Pinterest. If you love Etsy, trust me there will be room in your heart for both.
Now go enjoy the first day of Fall and send some of that leaf changing this way cause the weather forecast says its going to be 98 -106 this week. Yay 😦

Oh! and some of us would like a pumpkin patch cause they don’t have those here 😦



A list of random thoughts

6 Sep

1. After living through my 1st Summer here in Laredo, I no longer care to be a Summer bunny. I’m more like this:

2. Although I am happy we finally got a bookstore in the mall, Laredo still needs a bigger bookstore, for obvious reasons…

3. I have become a tourist of my own hometown.

4. I think I love teddy bears again.

5. God Bless the woman who came up with Chocolate Covered Bacon. I don’t have any facts to prove it was a “she”, but if you don’t get where I’m going, just move along to #6

6. No artwork in the universe is as amazing as our finger & paw print tree and the wedding album my pal Krizna made me

7. If you were wondering how close I live to the border – these are the kind of movie snacks that are sold at our local blockbuster (yeah, I know, blockbuster is still in business here). Need I say more?:

Prepare yourself for the next image as it is the most disgusting candy idea I have ever set my eyes on. Perhaps they were short of chocolate and bacon and this was all they could conjure up. :::Who am I kidding, I always need to say more::

8. I look at these 2 pictures once a day- everyday.

9. I cried when Amy Winehouse died.

10. I joined a running club out here. I ran with them. Once. I broke out into a heat rash & I told them I’m a fall runner.

11. Floating the Guadalupe river certainly helped fill the beach void. 8 hours of floating a river, while drinking beer, is one combo Cali didn’t offer:

Hmmmm…maybe next years floatie?:

12. During the summer, I cherish the first few seconds of actual cold water that comes out of the faucet in the morning before it turns warm and remains warm
super sigh.

13. I secretly stalk certain bloggers and sites.
there went the secret.
You should try it. It’s like going through the closet of someones brain! For example look at THIS awesome find:

I bet you didn’t know that ol’ Willie covered Coldplay, now did ya?
*sidenote* I love pigs! If I could I’d kiss’em right on the snout, I would. Nevermind that I eat them too.

and this awesome website that has you take a picture from the past in the present:

Now in the words and accent (accent is very important) of Nacho Libre, “Go Ay-Way! rEEd som [blogs]!”

14. I guess going to Marina Beach as a child, running up to random kids and saying, “Do you wanna be my friend and play a game?” paid off, I’ve managed to make some amazing friends out here. May they get everything their hearts desire for helping me settle in.

15. I constantly fantasize about what my kids are going to be like

and how they’ll probably hate my way out ideas for Halloween costumes – to later tell me how much they friggin’ rocked!

16. Last but definitely not least, the best part of the summer…

starting the rest of my life with the boy who stole my heart at 16 and never gave it back….

It’s quite alright …I think it’s just fine for him to have had it all this time. :).